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Thank you to all our 2019 abstract authors who submitted such great proposals.


COMET 2019 is a world leading Condition Based Online Monitoring Conference focusing on assets that make up the electrical grid.  It is unique in that its value is the knowledge gained through sharing experiences of those involved in these activities. This conference helps those of us working in the field improve our skills and performance by sharing experiences with others like us. This is done through presentations and discussions.

The process of Condition Based Monitoring  is the accumulation of electrical and/or chemical data related to the health of the asset being managed, storing, organizing and analyzing that data so that it can serve as the basis for maintenance or replacement decisions, and preserving the data to provide a deeper understanding of the health of the system.

COMET 2019 welcomes presentations on experience with relevant chemical measurements, partial discharge measurements, waveform measurements, data analytics, this use of artificial intelligence in asset management, cloud based data collection, positive and negative experience with big data, cyber-security approaches for asset condition data, reducing data to dashboards that support prudent decision making, and related topics.

Become a part of the larger community striving to provide reliable and affordable electricity by sharing your experiences.

Submit your abstract

Interested in presenting to your peers or sharing new advances in grid technology or monitoring? Below are some guidelines on what we are looking for in presentations and abstracts. Please read through all the guidelines. Doing so will improve your chances of being selected.

Submit your abstract before the 20th November 2018 and receive free registration to the entire COMET 2019 conference. (Applies only to successful abstract submissions).

Send your great proposals to:

Abstract submission authors shall be notified by December 3rd whether or not they have been successful.

Regular sessions will be in 30-minute blocks. It is recommended that you plan 20-25 minute presentations, leaving at least 5-10 minutes for questions and discussions towards the end. Panel sessions can vary in length, so if you plan on proposing a moderated panel session, please make note of that and the desired length in the proposal.

Submitting a Great Proposal – 2019 subject matter

Proposal topics should be interesting and worded in a way that clearly conveys what you will be delivering. Keep in mind that you want to capture the attention of both the reader and the attendees, as well as, clearly communicate what attendees can expect to learn from your session.

Big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are hot topics at the moment and for this year we especially welcome abstracts that discuss the following:

  • Chemical measurements, Partial Discharge measurements and waveform measurements for online monitoring applications
  • Data analytics and the use of artificial intelligence in asset management
  • Reducing data to dashboards that support prudent decision making
  • Cloud-based data collection – positive and negative experiences with big data
  • Cybersecurity approaches for asset condition data

Other Electric Power Assets not included in our list above are welcome as well. In addition, papers that explain interesting failures and associated phenomenon are also solicited.

Don’t forget to add additional background information, as well as, citing any existing industry standards from committees such as IEEE or CIGRE, as an example.


Proposals will go through multiple evaluations from our panel comprised of industry experts. During the review process, you may be contacted for additional information about your proposal. If accepted, you will hear from us (via email) with notice by  the 3rd of December 2019.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide specific feedback. However, if accepted you can use our panel as a sounding board, which helps both new and experienced speakers remain on target for delivery and ensure the best session possible.

Good luck!


If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a speaker (full conference) pass.

If you’ve already registered, you’ll receive instructions on how to receive a refund or how to transfer the purchased pass to a co-worker.